Sunday, March 25, 2012

New build: 25/03/2012

More like a bugfix than anything. However, I did manage to add some new content, thanks in part to the help of Ark Rotarl.

What's new this release:
  • Mouse transformation and item by Ark Rotarl
  • New Shop: External's Shop
  • New Item: Golden Armor
  • New location: Woods
  • Fixed bug: The data screen returned you to the help screen if you clicked on it. This was because of some bad managing on the action tree. 
  • Fixed bug: Game crashed when leaving the lake store (thank you new gameHistory system!)
  • Fixed bug: See that the HP doesn't raise from 0 to 1 if an enemy defeats you.
  • Fixed bug: The changing description of the wings was blank, making an empty test appear when the horse's infection got to it. Filled it with a generic changing description.
  • Fixed bug: The overall descriptions weren't triggering properly. Mainly because they weren't included XD. Sorry folks, my fault.
  • Fixed bug: Lizardmen should drop lizard oil now.
  • New generic overall description, for when I forget to write it XD
  • Could not reproduce: "The tail and the centaur-body weren't reversed with a different TF(swan)". Just for the record, the swan TF is made so that it takes away the centaur body, and changes the tail into a feathery tuft.
  • Could not reproduce: "Double TF messages of the same part and other TFs and parts that don't change". I spent some time using the TF items like crazy. I didn't see any double descriptions. Maybe it was on an encounter, I haven't checked those yet.
  • Balance fix: Changed chances of finding items for it to be equal for all items. Some items need certain level in order for them to be encountered randomly.
  • Balance fix: Made the horse transformation item change statistics according to level. The higher the level, the more they change. The most you can get out of this is a +6 on every statistic it changes at level 100.
    What's planned for next release:
    • New TF: Dog.
    • New encounter: Puppies.
    • New encounter: White Magician.
    • New location: Alex's Tunnel.
    • New action: buy humanizer at tavern.
    • New enemy: Dragon Slayer.


      1. yeah no problem...

        for now, two small things....
        crash after buying the lowquality armor in the lake shop....had already the sword, if it makes a difference.

        during level up, i chose HP increase...didn't happen stayed 20 max.

        more, when i had more time to play around...

        1. Already fixed the Armor bug. It had to do with me changing the text so that it fit better in the buttons... but didn't completely change it everywhere.

          As for the level up, I'm looking into it.

          Thanks for noticing!

      2. crash upon buying LQ armor in the shop at the lake

        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "", line 363, in game
        File "ActionTree.pyo", line 342, in updateGame
        AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'price'

        1. Already fixed. Thanks for noticing!

      3. So, here is more...

        the writting above the window, like, "Lake","Apperance", "Externalcamp" overlaps sometimes with buttons or with the edges of the game window.

        random item finding in the beginning...i somehow get alot more feathers than frog-TF-things...

        the dog at the farm still makes 30+ hit-kill....

        data loading...doesn't says it is a success, but returns to the old game...

        Torso description of lizard is not showing...instead there is changing-text of right hand...

        sometimes, changing doesn't happens at all...probably because changing part is chosen randomly and when already changed it does nothing...
        That is why i can't say for sure, but i have the feeling some changes can stuck...some parts just doesn't change back anymore...

        Had the overall descrition as a female frog with Head, torso, chest and one arm as frog...the rest was different...maybe updating these descriptions as pure frog..or frog mutant...for better distinction...

        checked again...tried to relaod a game after gameover...and got straight back to game over seems that the game did save continously my every move...

        After didn't work. nothing happend, only ending of game possible.

        btw: game balance now can level with TF items enemies getting stronger as the character....makes it fun to play without deadends...

        ah... ne area: woods? couldn't find it...but i got a frog-taur...nice.

        i could only get the randomevents(princess and swan) at the lake once...but the stable in the farm i could encounter as often i liked...

        hmm...yeah, can't think of more....but should be again enough

        1. Already fixed the text. It will now resize to fit in the space.

          I made it so that every time you open the game, the random generator would get a unique seed. This means that, if you don't like the chances you are getting, you can just reload the game.

          The dog is meant to be difficult to kill, and extremely easy to outrun. You'll have to level up a lot, or manage to get your hands on the golden armor.

          I'll see into the data system again.

          Fixed the text of the Lizard TF, and it wasn't just the hand. This is because of an error in the parser I use to change from the template to code.

          The changing system is designed to look for a part that has already been changed, and continue spreading the change from there. Some parts are indeed changed, but don't have description (like the wings in the lizard transformation). That part is 'infected', and can spread to other adjacent parts. I don't know if this is the behavior you are seeing, but maybe if you printed the screen, and sent it to me along with the game history, I could pin point it out better. Otherwise, it would be spending a lot of time on changing a new character over, and over, and over...

          I'll look into the gameover. The new game button had a bug that I corrected, but maybe I created another one when doing so.

          The woods unlock after level 2.

          The events at the farm have higher probability, this is to spam a little the Horse TF. More are yet to come. The Farm is mainly for events of that kind., and transformations that change stats according to level.

          And thanks a lot for all the comments. Seems that I have a neat ability to insert bugs into the game >.<