Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Build: 24/03/2012

The title should clue you in what I'm going to say. For the desperate ones, the download buttons are on the right.

What's new this release:
  • New action: Explore farm.
  • New enemy: Guardian dog.
  • New TF: Horse.
  • New location: External's camp.
  • New NPC: Mysterious cat.
  • New encounter: Enter the farm.
  • New Item: Brown Liquid.
  • New system: Experience.
  • New statistic: Levels.
  • Fixed bug: Game crashed if clicked on new game multiple times.
  • New ending: general bad TF ending.
  • New behavior: The game will inform you of the kind of error that occurred during execution, and then will close automatically after 5 seconds. More details are written in the gameHistory file.
What's planned for next release:
  • New TF: Dog
  • New encounter: Puppies
  • New encounter: White Magician
  • New location: Alex's Tunnel
  • New Shop: External's Shop
  • New Item: Golden Armor
  • New action: buy humanizer at tavern.
  • New enemy: Dragon Slayer
  • New location: Woods


  1. hmmm. let's see.....The guard dog does about 30 damage in the beginning...may be it should be a high level enemy.

    when you are defeated by an enemy you HP are 0....if you go on fighting and submit to the next enemy your HP raises to 1

    The horse TF has problems with the body/stomach TF description in the apperance screen and the changing text.
    Further it boosts somehow every stat...nice to level in the beginning but not good for balance
    the arm description indicates they could be used as legs..but with the centaur body it looks kinda funny(that maybe just me)

    the overall description "your a male horse" doesn't trigger...tays human...same problem with Frog TF.

    The tail and the centaur-body weren't reversed with a differnt TF( swan). could be intentionel don't know how you'd planned that.

    lizard TF...still didn't find any..altough i killed several lzardman...i would prefer to be able to find all TF items randomly, with the same probabilty...i seem to get more swan then rest

    crash when leaving the shop in the swamp..

    that's all i can remember...

    sometimes i get double TF meesages of the same part...arm already like..frog, but getting the TF text of the arm again..with other TFs and part that doesn't happen..

    ok, thats defintily all...and alot to do for you i'm afraid

  2. I was so busy, I forgot to thank you for pointing all this down. Here it is:


  3. The game crashes if you buy the low quality armor at the lake shop