Thursday, March 22, 2012

Delay until weekend

Hello everyone.

I have noticed an increase in the traffic of the blog and on the archive in general, but specially on the day I made a new build. This new build seems to be more stable according to the various comments on the TFgames forums. It has some balance issues, but those have already been addressed and will be available in the next build (I didn't say resolved because for that I need you to tell me how you think of the game stats, prices, enemies, etc.).

Now, what everyone dreaded because of the title.  I will indeed have a delay in the next build. I have a lot of work to do in real life, and I'll even have to stay up until late today and tomorrow to get it all done. The only thing I have been able to advance on has been the horse transformation. The text is around 50% done, and the coding is done automatically thanks to a program I made that changes a TF template to Starheaven game code. Is as simple as copy and paste it where it should go. Still, it's around thirty lines of descriptions for every transformation, so it does take time. I also have to write and code the new enemy, and I still haven't made the program to pass from enemy format to Starheaven code format. This one will require more coding, as it's adding a new action to the farm, and inside that action adding the appropiate filters and the enemies. Sigh, seems a lot of work, but I will be on it in the weekend.

So, having nothing else to say for the moment, and a ton of work, I bid you all farewell and good night.

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