I have been a huge fan of transformation ever since a very young age. I found many things about it and about myself on websites and on the internet. It's a huge and growing community, which I always felt part of, but didn't really participated in it until recently.
Because of a change in my living situation (just moved to a different country), I have started to have extra expenses to deal with. I wanted to have some extra sort of income, so I figured out that I could do this and give a little something back to the transformation community by developing this TF game.
It's completely free to play and download, and I like to work on it. However, it requires time and a lot of effort to develop a game.
Your donations helps me pay for some of my expenses, and in return I can dedicate more of my time and energy into creating new content for the game.
I thank you in advance for all your contributions.


Also, as an incentive of sorts, I can work on certain parts of the game by request. You just have to donate at least the amount specified on the following list, and email me your request. You can even type some of the content you would like that specific part to have.

The currently supported parts are:
  • Transformations--> For now, this may only be transformations of animals or plants that are found in a lake, or its surroundings. Minimun donation: $10 USD
  • Enemies--> this may be an enemy you can encounter in the lake. Minimun donation: $5 USD
  • Actions --> This may be random encounters or things that happen under certain conditions on the lake or in the town of Starheaven. Minimun donation: $3 USD

  •  The submissions should follow all the rules and fields required in the list. If you don't follow them, your  request may be turned down without a refund.
  • A request that has been turned down may be rewriten and resubmitted without the need of another donation for a maximum of five times per donation.
  • I reserve the right to accept or decline any and all requests submitted to the game. In this case, your donation can be refunded.
  • I reserve the right to tell or explain in any way why the request wasn't admitted into the game.
  • A request is no guarantee nor is in any way or form an assurance of any kind that the submitted content will ever be included in the game.
  • A request may not appear in the game immediately. Until the request is in the game, you may email me to receive a notification of the status of your request or to have a refund of it.
  • You must be the owner, or have the owner's permission, to any complete or partial content that you request to be added into the game.
  • By requesting any kind of material for the game, you are willingly giving away any copyrights you, or any others, may have to me.
  • I reserve the right to have the last say in any and all points that aren't explicitly considered on this page regarding requests and donations to the game.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact me at

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