Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Build: 15/04/2012

After almost two busy weeks, I present you the new build. Maybe it's not as big in content as I would have liked, but it certainly looks better, at least for me.

What's new this release:
  • New TF: Dog.
  • New encounter: Puppies.
  • New location: Alex's Tunnel.
  • New action: buy humanizer at tavern.
  • New enemy: Dragon Slayer.
  • Fixed bug: Game threw an error at midnight because of a division by zero error.
  • Fixed issue: Changed the font. There shouldn't be any font compatibility problems now. If you don't like the new font, you can change it in the game folder, just be sure it's the same extension and change the name. You can also change the name of the font in the file, it's one of the top variables.
  • Could not reproduce: Multiple loading bug. It only happened to me once in like 50 tries. I'll keep trying to track it down. Any information on this bug will have a reward of a thank you.
    What's planned for next release, based on the poll:
    • New TF: Bee.
    • New TF: Pine.
    • New main quest: Basic training.
    • New side quest: Alex's ingredients.
    • New encounter: Angry bees.


      1. Rapid install for Windows is uncompiled Python at the moment.