As I stated in the About page, this game is in development. However, it would take a lot of time for a single person to take the the games to a complexity that rivals professional games, and that's were you come in reader.
The following templates are the ones currently used by the game to add various features, like transformations. You are all welcome to submit your content, and you may as well see it in the game.

Submission guidelines


  • You must use the formats specified in here. If you don't know what to put in a certain field, you can as for what that field is, or see the example. Some fields you can just leave them blank. For example, when submitting a transformation, if you want to change into a human, you should leave the tail description blank.
  • You can make as many submissions as you want, as long as they are differ from the content already in the game. In practical terms, it means it's highly unlikely I accept a white tail deer transformation if there's something similar in the game. The idea is to make NEW content, not repeat it.
  • You can submit an extension or improvement for content that's already in the game.
  • Submit any and all bugs/spelling mistakes that you find. I will even give you a thank you in advance, here it is: THANK YOU!
  • Just fill the type with something like "Swan", and leave all the field blank to be filled by me later. If you want to suggest a transformation, you can post a comment here, or you can email it to me.
  • Change the format to your liking. The more content I have to change, the most likely it is for me to reject it.
  • Submit any kind of adult or pornographic material, explicit or implied. This game has an age restriction of PG-13 top. You can mention nether regions or chest area, but that's about it. This is to ensure that the game remains as true as possible to the real concept of transformation.
  • No violent content. You can describe the battles, the scars, even go to the limits of broken bones or blood, but I won't accept three or something pages of the details of how someone dies. If you want to see that, go watch the news or a movie about it.
  • Submit material without checking for grammar or spelling mistakes. If you believe your work isn't worth re-reading it again to see if there aren't any mistakes, then it's even less worthy for me to put it into the game.
  • Submit material that doesn't belong to you, or that you don't have the owner's permission to submit.
  • Submit more than one copy of the same thing. If you have any doubts whether I received it or not, you can email them to me, which leads to...
  • Spam my e-mail box, either with the same submission over and over again, or with requests so accept a submission I already decided to cancel.
  • Get angry because your content didn't pass through. Normally this may be because you didn't follow the guidelines, you didn't use a template, your submission had too many grammar and/or spelling mistakes or needed too much work to implement.
  • Give up on the first try. If you really believe your content would make the game better, isn't it worth it to work on it until it does make the game shine?

Enemy template example here.
Enemy blank template here.


  • I reserve the right to accept or decline any and all material submitted here or by e-mail to be put in the game.
  • I reserve the right to admit or reject any content automatically if it doesn't follow the above guidelines.
  • I reserve the right to tell or explain in any way why the content wasn't admitted into the game.
  • Submitting doesn't guarantee nor is in any way or form an assurance of any kind that the submitted content will ever be included in the game.
  • You must be the owner, or have the owner's permission, to any complete or partial content submitted here or by e-mail to be put in the game.
  • By submitting any kind of material for the game, you are willingly giving away any copyrights you, or any others, may have to me.
  • I reserve the right to have the last say in any and all points that aren't explicitly considered on this page regarding submissions to the game.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact me at

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