Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update: 18/04/2012

Well, after reading several comments from several sources, I've decided to change the To Do list. Here's a new list of things that should be done:
  • Fix bug: Loading multiple times.
  • Fix bug: Changing doesn't spread as it should on Mouse TF. Check if this happens on other TF's.
  • Fix issue: Entering a fight while having 0 HP will get you an error screen. Maybe add an otion to use automatically any healing potions in the inventory if this happens.
  • Fix issue: Make the penalty for abusing TF items more drastic. I have already tweaked with the affinity trait so that you can only use a certain amount of TF items before having and end game screen.
  • Interface: Make it less flashy and eye-hurting.
  • Interface: Make the font more readable.
  • Interface: Add progress bar or number.
  • Encounters: Change encounters so that you can win something like gold or a healing item, and thus making the risk worth it. Maybe reduce affinity.
  • Bigginer's quest: Make a walkthrough quest that introduces you to the world and its dynamics. A substitute of the help menu for the lazy people. You get a reward at the end.
  • Include somewhere this: "You'd better taint that pathetic body of yours because being a mutant is better than being dead". (Phrase from Noyb)
  • Tempting to change: Make TG transformation a random event.


  1. It would be nice,if I could see how much experience to the next level

  2. Lovin' this game. I really hope to see it continue! :D

  3. this game dead...or just on hiatus?

    1. I have just lost motivation, that's all. It haven't really seen much interest for this game, so I believe I lost interest in it as well. It might come again later, or it might not.

    2. Don't give up man!

      You have a good game going here, and I really wanna see it grow. The only limit you have is your own imagination, which from what I've seen so far, is really expansive and I honestly can't wait to see what's in store for the next build.

      Keep it going, even when times get rough. We're rooting for ya ;)