Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Update: 27/03/2012

Things that have already been fixed:
  • Fixed bug: Title text overlapped on buttons. Now title adjusts to fit in the space.
  • Fixed bug: Game crashed when buying Low Quality Metal Armor. This was due to the name reduction. Tested golden armor, just in case.
  • Fixed issue: Made it so that the seed of the random generator would change every time you play. 
  • This means it should be more fair when sorting through items. If you don't like how the game is choosing the items, just restart it.
  • Fixed bug: Lizard description has been revised.
  • Fixed bug: Level up didn't increase HP. This was because it did increase the HP, when it should have increased the MaxHP. Well, now it regenerates your health for free at level up. Enjoy.
What needs to be fixed:
  • Changing items don't change and seem to be stuck.
  • No new game is possible when you had a game over.
What's giving me headaches:
  •  Saved games don't load correctly. Seems that not all the attributes of the old player get registered. I'll need to dwell within the confines of new Python Classes and new Object methods to change this... yes, a lot of work.
What's making me happy:
  •  We have had our very first submission by Ark Rotarl!
  •  The first donation has come through! Weeeeeh! ^.=.^
Things I just want to say:
  • With each bug I find, I feel more respect towards programmers that manage to debug, or better yet, write bug-free programs >.=.<


  1. I don't know how many people have mentioned this before, but dropping items doesn't seem to work.

    Also, is it correct that "game over" happens at 100 affinity? I got a game over at 70-something affinity after having used Humanizers a few times.

    1. Well, I think they did, but I wrote it on the "To do" list just in case.

      Yes, "game over's" happen when reaching 70 or more affinity and having low intelligence.

  2. how can I get this update?

    1. The updates are a way for me to inform the community of what I'm working on in the game. The actual new releases are called "Builds", and that's when I release a new version of the game.