Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Build: 31/03/2012 (More bugfixes)

Yes, seems that this one is another build to correct bugfixes. Just when I was considering getting the game out of the 'Beta' state. Here are the changes:

What's new this release:
  • Fixed bug: Title text overlapped on buttons. Now title adjusts to fit in the space.
  • Fixed bug: Game crashed when buying Low Quality Metal Armor. This was due to the name reduction. Tested golden armor, just in case.
  • Fixed issue: Made it so that the seed of the random generator would change every time you play. This means it should be more fair when sorting through items. If you don't like how the game is choosing the items, just restart it.
  • Fixed issue: Lizard description has been revised.
  • Fixed bug: Level up didn't increase HP. This was because it did increase the HP, when it should have increased the MaxHP. Well, now it regenerates your health for free at level up. Enjoy.
  • Fixed bug: Saved games didn't Load correctly. Had to change the whole system. It should be working fine now.
  • Fixed bug: Changing items didn't change and seemed to be stuck. Happens because the head wasn't "Connected" with the torso. It should work now.
  • Fixed bug: No new game was possible when you had a game over. This was because the end game screen got looped over and over again.
  • Fixed bug: Items didn't seem to drop. This was because the game didn't recognized certain items with a number and an "x" on them.
  • New encounter: White Magician
    What's planned for next release:
    • New TF: Dog.
    • New encounter: Puppies.
    • New location: Alex's Tunnel.
    • New action: buy humanizer at tavern.
    • New enemy: Dragon Slayer.
    You can now go ahead and find more bugs XD


    1. Hi.....

      The HP gain with leveling now works, and also the lizard give HP bonus...

      The change text seems funny, when you got already a taur body and it chages to another...

      some descriptions of the taur body are strange, at least i think they sound so. Not really mentiong hind-legs or taisl of the taur body...

      Only bug i found so far:
      Loading doesn't work. The game confirms loading, but doesn't load anything.

      I managed a full Lizard-taur TF....and could still go into the town...i know the throwing out of the twon is linked to the

      so much for now

    2. The lizard TF is supposed to raise the maximum HP, unless it increases your current HP, which is a bug.

      It's a generic change text that happens for all transformations that include a taur change. I might come up with something that includes the change from one taur body into another.

      Now that you mention it, you are right, I should have included the descriptions of the hind legs. The tail description is already on, but I might move it after the taur body, so that it makes more sense.

      I spent almost two days correcting that bug >.< It would really help if I had your game's history file, and the version you are working with, prehaps you could e-mail them to me?

      It's linked to affinity. If you have 50 or more affinity, you can't go into Starheaven anymore.

      Thanks for the comments! At least there aren't as many bugs as before.

      1. I sent you my game hsitory.....i hope the format works

      2. Haven't received it yet. Also checked the spam folder.
        Would you be so kind to resend it to please?

      3. whoops...sorry. deleted it already

      4. Well, I checked both, the .exe and the Python version on my computer, and they worked fine when loading and saving files. What I recommend doing is using the Python version directly and see if your games are saved and loaded there.

      5. Thinking of it i maybe able to tell you what steps i did for the save bug.

        when i restarted the game and loaded a save from the beginning it worked...

        But i did save several different games on slots 1-3 and i did overwrite them...and after that i tired to load and it did fail...

        maybe that helps you to locate the bug.
        just make some save games at various stages of the game and over writte them several times....and then try to load...

        Apart from that....different endings for the different TFs like the swan would be nice...but that is already in the works, right?

      6. I'll see into it.

        There can be different endings to different TF's, but I'm currently focusing on expanding the world. The woods needs TFs and monsters, and there's also the lake's bottom and the mountains. Still, before doing anything further, I need to make the game engine stable, so that's the priority for now. Everyone is welcome to write TF endings if they want.

    3. I can not run the game
      It writes "See the logfile '...\Program.exe.log' for details"

      1. That's strange. That error is supposed to occur only if you don't have all the files, but they all come inside the .rar file. Myabe you didn't decompress the file?
        A "Program.exe.log" file should have appeared on the directory where you are running. It would help me if you could send that file to me so I can see what seems to be the issue.

      2. "
        Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "", line 13, in
        File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 82, in load_module
        File "ActionTree.pyo", line 3, in
        File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 82, in load_module
        File "Actions.pyo", line 8, in
        ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero


      3. Prehaps this can help you:

        Py2exe is the program I use to make the Windows version. If it still doesn't work, I suggest you use the python version.

        I hope this has helped you!

    4. still need a file?

    5. how to install this patch?

      1. I'm afraid that's for when I'm building the game. That's strange, because I should have the latest version of py2exe...
        In any case, here is a quick solution that could help you: This error occurs when no msvcp71.dll is found - add this dll to program directory or windows/system32 directory

      2. this helped, thanks ^^