Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Build: 0_0_7

Should I say more?

Complete Changelog:
  • New location: Outskirts of farm.
  • New TF item: Lizard oil.
  • New template: Enemy Template.
  • New enemy: Lizardman.
  • New enemy: Dark magician.
  • New store: Tree Stump Shop.
  • New Item: Medium healing potion.
  • New Item: Low quality sword.
  • New Item: Medium quality sword.
  • New encounter: Beautiful Swan.
  • New situation: Kiss the prince(ss)
  • New NPC: Dark figure.
  • Bug fixed: Fixed a bug that made it possible for people to buy items for "free", and have negative money. I honestly don't know if I put it there to start with XD
  • Added a game history text file. This should make it easier to track down bugs and faults in the game.
Coming up next:
  • New action: Explore farm.
  • New enemy: Guardian dog.
  • New TF: Horse.
  • New location: External's camp.
  • New NPC: Mysterious kitten.
  • New encounter: Enter the farm.
Also, because of the post results and other issues, I'm starting to believe I will make a new build every week. What do you think?


  1. Hi, played the latest version of your game...

    didn't crash so these bugs seem to be gone.

    Can it be, that the new encounters(magican & lizard) only happens,when you have enough transformation? or affinity?

    problem is: when you use teh feather, your intelligence drops...and when you use the mucus your strengh drops...and without strenght you don't do damage and without intelligence you don't hit....

    i could only encounter the magican and lizard when my scores where so terrible, thet i could not win...
    dont know if the lizard oil gives you a strengh bonus, beacuse i didn't find one...and if you can get it only by beating the lizard....well it can't be done.

    eitehr your intellince or your strenght is terribel when you can encounter the lizzard..and it does to much only have 20HP and he does 17+ damage per hit...(with the new armor)...and you can't hit him..or not hard enough to beat the lizard.... much what i rememberd.

    1. Yes, that's a big issue. To clarify, no, the game doesn't take into account affinity, it takes into account the sum of all the stats minus the money and the affinity. All transformation objects are designed to give you more stat points in general. For example, the frog infection reduces your strength by one, but increases your inteligence by two, so you have one extra stat in total. The idea is that the player is able to increase stats as they want, by using transformation items. At certain "level", you find more difficult monsters and unlock other kind of situations.
      The affinity stat is design to make the player monitor closely their stats. It tends to increase more rapidly the more you have. This stat is the only one that can give ou a game over message. It will also serve to unlock part of the story, and will be a factor for the end of par one.
      I believe I gave too much information away. For now, I'll focus on correcting this.
      And congratulations, you are the first one to post a comment ^.=.^

  2. If raising stats is the only way to encounter certain events or monsters then you should have an exp system. Doing it by forcing changes on yourself generally leaves you weak in an area or two, having a ton of different body parts, and when you finally encounter the monsters they just kick your ass in no time flat. I for one find it fun to try and stay human for as long as I can but if I'm forced to change just to progress then it just simply loses it's sparkle for me.

    Now this is a cool game but it seriously needs an exp system in place.

    1. Already implemented. Sadly, this took me almost the whole time and I couldn't make the emergency build on time. I'll include it in the next normal build. I'm almost halfway there now anyways.