Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update 10/03/2012

Ok, here comes what I have been doing in this day.

Website and Blog.
What was done:

What needs to be done:
  • Add the templates.
  • Erase previous links.
  • Find a way to post on TFGames that the links will disappear.

What was done:
  • Added a game history text file. This should make it easier to track down bugs and faults in the game.
  • New location: Outskirts of farm.
  • New TF item: Lizard oil.
What needs to be done:
  •  Add a new enemy: Lizardman.
  • Add a new enemy: Dark magician.
  • Add a new store: Tree Stump Shop.
  • Add a new NPC: Dark figure.
*On a side note: It's Mother's Day somewhere around the world, so remember to congratulate them.

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