Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update 04/03/2012: Bugfixing

Thanks to various comments about the game on the TFGames' forums, I started to track and correct the bugs in the game. Here is the status report so far:
  • Fixed bug: Healing at the infirmary almost always causes a crash. This was because of how the increase of HP on the player was implemented
  • Fixed bug: Running never works. Even when it gives a success message, you're dumped right back into combat. This was because the possibility to return to the previous screen wasn't implemented in the running screen.
  • Fixed bug: Failing when running seems to cause absurd damage (took 50 on one attempt). This was because of some bad math.Now, the more difference in speeds, the higher the damage when failing to run up to 75% of maximum health.
  • Fixed bug: Could get negative health. Was fixed implementing a method inside the player class.
  • Fixed bug:  Can buy things at the shop, but evidently they're free. This was due to the lack of the line of code that "Charged" the goods to the player.
 What still needs work:
  • Correction: There is no message as to succeeding in the purchase*. 
  • Make a warning screen for overwriting games.
 *A note about the shop:
It wasn't my intention to implement a purchase screen. I personally made it that way because I can buy more items on one click. I will probably change this, to be able to buy more than one item on the same purchase and to have a confirmation screen, on the next release.

Bugs that were reported but I couldn't reproduce:
  • When using the white feather, at 94 speed for some reason and 73 affinity. At that point, any action causes a crash.
  • When playing the game, the computer tries to warn of something right before crashing.
What's planned for next release:
  • New location: Outskirts of farm.
  • New TF item: Lizard.
  • New enemy: Lizardman.
  • New enemy: Dark magician.
  • New store: Tree Stump Shop.
  • New NPC: Dark figure.
  • New characteristic: Game history. This is mainly for tracking the bugs better. Will be a file in the game folder with a list of all the buttons that were clicked since starting the game, or loading a player. This, along the saved games file, will make following the bugs a lot easier.
Again, a thank you to everyone that has reported bugs.

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