Friday, March 9, 2012

First gear

Well, as thetitle should imply, it has been a very slow drive since I posted the bug-fix version of the game. I have been really busy with real life lately, so I haven't gotten around enough to actually code or write any new content.

On another note, I have had one problem with TFGames, not big or anything. It's just that I can't see their site on my computer. I have two different internet browsers and neither of them seems to be able to log into the site. I can do it from my celphone, but it's very slow and uncomfortable. One of the reasons I created this blog was in case something like this happened, that I couldn't get into the post of TFGames. I have sent an email to them, asking if this might have to do with the server of the site, but have received no answer so far.

Which takes me to point number two, a Starheaven website. Yes, I know a blog is cool and everything, and I can probably fit everything here. However, I would like a space that could be more... how to put it... personal? To have that feeling. I would like a site similar to a wiki that could be able to host the most recent version of the game, and get some other information too, like a list of monsters, myths, legends of Starheaven, etc.

It would be nice to stop seeing all the lines of codes and just focus on the escence, on the world, every once in a while. Anyway, I'll see into it if I can make it with google or if I should do it like a wiki.
This post is mainly to sort my ideas out, get people updated to the status of the game (they deserve it), and invite everyone to add their comments.

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